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Learning to register the coworker in the Conexa System 

Contacts module.

On this screen the fields are almost  self-explanatory. 

It's just worth noting a few points"


  1. Try to enter all available phones.

  2. The rule will work for all screens: Always try to fill in as many fields as possible.

  3. The financial e-mail field is what will be used to send billing slips and other financial information.

  4. The message email field will serve to notify, for example, incoming mail, phone calls, etc..





If in fact the coworker has not yet been registered, then it is time to do so. 

Click [Client] then [New Client].

This screen below will appear for you:

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Fill it out fully. If there is any information missing that the coworker does not have at the moment, encourage him to bring you later and you complete ALL registration.

In the "partner/source" field, you will ask him how he got to know Splace.

The photo, you can ask him, or upload the one he has on some social network.  

In the field "line of activity" insert the one related to his professional activity (Architecture, engineering, designer, etc...)

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In the field  "Observations" you will enter all the impressions you had of the coworker during the interview. This field will NOT be visible to the coworker, so you can enter information that you think is valid for our service.  

Well, once this screen is completed, click on [Continue] and we will follow the following screens, which are nothing more than the ones marked in blue in the header of this Conexa screen

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