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"if  you don't know where you want to go.
Any way will do"

Alice in Wonderland

We believe that it is essential to establish a connection between the business strategy and what the people who work in it do on a daily basis. That's why we use the OKR methodology to help set our course.

These are our OKRs:

SPLACE is the brand that designates the spaces created by CAPSULA, a strategic design company that reframe underutilized properties, making them more attractive and profitable.

We specialize in converting “stressed” assets into a mixed use model, incorporating the concepts of coworking, coliving, hospitality and convenience spaces.

Currently, our main focus has been the conversion of hotel assets, adding content and personality to them that increase their occupancy rate.

We like to compare such real estate assets to a smartphone, where we seek to sophisticate the hardware architecturally, that is, the building, also adding software, (content, functions, companies) making this set useful and attractive.



Quarterly, we measure our NPS (Networking Promoter Store) and publish it here to strengthen our value of transparency with the market.

Below you will find the graph containing the index (which in our target should be above 70%) for the last quarter evaluated (September/2021)

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