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The first impression. Onboarding.

Onboarding is the term we use for the integration of our coworkers with the space.

In this integration, our main objectives are:


1) Register the client (individual or legal entity) and the person(s) linked to it and it is important that in this case, you know exactly what the plan is and any special conditions that were negotiated with it. For this, consult the customer's contract in the system.

2) Introduce Splace and eventually the associated company.

3) Carry out the access journey with the coworker, that is, the path he will take to reach his contracted workstation and other areas that have his access authorized.


4) Provide initial assistance to get it installed correctly. Here it is important to check if everything is ok with furniture/energy/internet


5) Guide the coworking in the first access to the client's module in the Conexa system.

Introduce him to the rules of space.


We suggest that, on the first day, the interview is carried out so that you, the hostess, can get to know the coworker well.

This is an interview that must be carried out with all PEOPLE registered in the system and, since there is no time available on the first day, it must at least be scheduled as soon as possible.


Below, we have created a script for this interview, which should be done in a comfortable place, preferably only  you (hostess) and the coworker, both having a coffee and where you should write down on a pad or tablet (whichever you prefer) the information you will collect from the coworker.



Introduce yourself and in a very informal way...Enjoy yourself and introduce your peers.


Check that all registration data are filled in the system. Including those related to social networks.


Try to understand the position of this person and more, what are the main activities related to this position and enter this data in the system observations field.


In a very informal conversation, try to understand what style this person has, (Classic; entrepreneur; Geek; stylish), what sports he likes, what musical style he likes... any and all information that will enable us to later create events or actions by integrating groups that if they "talk".


Take the opportunity and make the journey to access the Conexa system with it, showing the options it has in the system, such as room reservation, printing, etc..


If your unit will also use WhatsApp or some other technology to form groups, we suggest that you include it at this point and guide its use.



And at the end, thank him for the moment of integration.