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SPLACE - A new space for hotels.


The hotel industry is one of the most traditional business activities in the history of mankind, even appearing on the list of oldest companies in operation, as is the case of the Japanese Hotel Nishiyama, founded in the year 705 and which operates until the present day.

Therefore, if on the one hand the hotel industry is an example of resilience in the business world, we also understand that there is a lot of space for innovation in this sector.

The concept   SPLACE converts hotels into environments that offer a new occupation model: a mix of accommodation that adds to the hotel industry, coworking, coliving, in addition to new and creative spaces and convenience services, allowing those who cohabit to work, live and have fun. in the same environment.



Creative and award-winning architecture with the UFO signature changes the look of the hotel.


We add big-data technology and automation that reduce costs and add new experiences.


As a

co-administrator, we manage the new business layers added to the hospitality industry.


We advise obtaining the necessary investment for the retrofit.


We generate new layers of revenue for the hotel, making it a business platform.